Life is learning. I am always learning and my favorite books are walking, living, breathing volumes with skin on.  I love people and I love stories. We are always writing our story and every day is a new page being turned. I am a mother of five, grandmother to two and wife to one.  I am a friend to many and aunt to a few. I am a second mom to many of my kid’s friends and often referred to as Mama Jack. There are many roles in my life and the one that ties them all together is the role of learner. I love to learn about every single person who is in my life and their passion. This is MY passion.  Intertwine that with my faith in God and the deep intrinsic belief in His love and value for every living creature; translates into loving God with all my heart and loving others as myself. I am not always successful in this venture but I am always in the starting gate.  I learn best in conversation, collaboration, and contribution.